Department of Revenue offers resources, assistance for business owners

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Starting and running a business is challenging under the best of circumstances, and that’s why the Kansas Department of Revenue works to ensure its services are easy to use and accessible.

KDOR offers a wide variety of resources to help businesses navigate the often complex world of taxes. These resources include articles and videos with information on business registration, sales tax policy, tax eligibility, and lessons about how businesses can best comply with the necessary regulations to operate in Kansas.

Here are the top three most useful tools for business offered by the Kansas Department of Revenue:

Local Sales Tax Search

KDOR’s website offers a search engine that displays the local tax rate of a given area of the state. By entering the home address and taxable amount, you can easily calculate the sales tax rates in that vicinity.

Taxability Guides

Taxability guides help business owners determine if the products they purchase specifically for their business are subject to sales tax.  There are guides for all different types of businesses at

In-person help

KDOR also offers tax workshops for small business owners and construction contractors hosted by Small Business Development Centers all around the state. For a full listing of all the dates visit

Additionally, a KDOR customer service representative is available to assist you with any tax questions that may arise regarding extensions, withholding, tax due dates, reporting fraud, penalty, and interest, or other common tax-related questions. This information is located at

The Department of Revenue’s website is home to these resources and many others for both businesses and individuals regarding their tax questions. The Department of Revenue strives to increase convenient access to government and supply Kansas individuals and business owners with the resources needed to prosper in our state.


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