After working decades in setting up computer programs for other companies, Richard Spurlock saw that one of the biggest failures companies made was their failure to back up programs. These omissions returned to haunt companies after a human failure or power outage would result in a system crash and loss of data.

“Few companies have a clear view of how complex data backup can be and what a massive load it puts on computer resources,” says Spurlock. “For most businesses, backup is the single largest application in their data center. It is also likely to be the most neglected application in the data center. Every time a new computer is added to the network, new software is loaded, or software updates are applied, the backup needs to be updated as well, but that rarely happens.”

Seeing this need for a user-friendly data protection backup system, Spurlock created Cobalt Iron Adaptive Data Protection (ADP) in 2013 as a company that would create customized backup data programs and storage systems. Or, as Spurlock describes it, a data storage and protection service that offers “a better way to the cloud.”

Tapping a group of mostly University of Kansas graduates armed with degrees in electrical and computer engineering, Spurlock created a team that developed its software and certified hardware platform for data protection.

The program allows companies to back up their existing software data with one click of the mouse. The cloud storage offered by Cobalt means that clients don’t have to worry about tracking down data stored on outdated CDs, learning new technical jargon or receiving additional training on how to maintain or back up data because the ADP system does it for them.

Spurlock sees data both as the “new gold” currency for growing firms and as a resource that any company will want to share and protect.

Headquartered in Lawrence, Cobalt Iron has additional locations in six states and the United Kingdom. Some of the companies that use the system are Capital City Bank, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center and FIS.


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